Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking for people to teach-Members need to help

This is Ben's letter from May 11, 2015

It was great to see you yesterday. I can´t believe that I had forgotten about Skype. That was crazy. Sorry for any worry I might have caused you.

I’m doing great, we pretty much talked about how I was in good detail.

This Sunday was a little rough because of the elections. We had to travel to the chapel in Toledo (the chapple that is closest to us.) So as far as we know we were some of the only members from the ward that went. There were a few others that were going to go to the chapple in Bº 12 (outside of our mission so we couldn´t go).

A few days ago our only progressing investigator decided she didn´t want to learn any more so we´ve been trying to find other people to teach. We are still wanting with all our heart to find through member references and are doing our best to ask all the recent converts and Less actives for references also and invite their family members to listen when we see them, but we are not consistently receiving to the point that we are kept busy with just these people.

Elder Torres and I are elaborating a plan where we will work more with the Ward Mission Leaders from each ward/branch. We want to try to increase the frequency of contact the missionaries are having with them so that they can help animate the members to participate also.

Let me know when I need to start worrying about classes and rooming and stuff like that.

That´s pretty awesome that Will wants to start running. Maybe you can get some pointers from the Hammond’s. Try to maintain that desire in him. I don´t think I ever had that desire..... EVER.

I am doing well. I am super excited to keep working with my companion. We are constantly talking about how to improve the missionary work of the stake and zone.

Some of those sayings I told JT were He can share them in his class if he wants to.

Uruguayan Phrases
¡¿¡Viste!?!-- Right!?! / ya know!?!
No estamos tirando manteca al techo-- we´re not wasting our money on nonsense/ we´re trying to be frugal
estamos llevándola-- we´re perservering through life (even though It´s difficult)
When you say thank you, they respond "¡No!"
Si te digo, te miento-- If i were to tell you (something), I would be lying
No Podés-- No, you can´t do that!! (Basically "don´t be that guy")
Cayate Vos(pronounced Ca-shÁ-te Voh)-- shut up!

Well I love you lots.

Thank care!!

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