Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Training for Mission Leaders and a Miracle

This is Ben's letter from May 25, 2015
Good to hear that everyone is doing well. I am doing very well. Good to hear that everyone is keeping busy. This week went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was writing you all.

This week my companion and I had a meeting with all of the ward mission leaders in the stake and the Stake President. We gave an hour-long training of how we were going to work as a stake and mission. Unfortunately many of them had no idea what their calling required and were just making sure the missionaries had lunch every day, and directing the baptismal services. Everyone seemed really excited now that they understand their importance in the success of the wards missionary work.

This week my companion and I have continued praying for the members so that they can find friends family members and neighbors that they can share the gospel with. Like I´ve said the last few weeks, it´s been difficult actually see the fruits we´ve been hoping to see, but this Sunday we got to see an amazing miracle.

About a month ago a member from Melo came to our ward for a few weeks because he was going through some medical treatments for his lung cancer. He was an amazing man with a very strong faith. While he was here, he started sharing with his daughter and granddaughter. He asked for our number because he said he was preparing some references for us, and wanted to be able to contact us when he was ready for us to pass by. He never called, but his daughter decided Saturday night that she was going to go to church the following morning.

She is going through a lot of trials as a single mother with a 10 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. She (her name is Laura) came to all three hours and had a wonderful experience. She met a lot of great people that wanted to help her and get to know her. After church we had a charla with her and her two children in the home of her next-door neighbors who are active members. She was extremely content with everything and has decided to investigate even more of the gospel.

I am doing well and safe,

Take care.

√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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