Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Finding People-Don't Lose Hope!

This is Ben's letter from May 18, 2105

Hola Familia,

Good to hear that everyone is doing well. I´m doing just fine. It was a good week. My companion, Élder Torres, and I had a meeting with the Stake President this week to talk about the progress of the mission efforts of each ward. We realized that the Ward Mission Leaders in each respective ward and branch, for a lack of training, had no Idea what they are supposed to be doing. So based off of the Worldwide Training materials from Hastening the Work of Salvation, my companion and I along with the Stake President are going to give training for the Ward Mission Leaders and explain the importance of their role in coordinating the efforts between the members, ward council, and missionaries.

To help with this overall goal we have of coordinating the efforts we are planning on the Ward Mission Leaders having contact by phone at least 3 times in the week where they will be informed of the work the missionaries are doing and how the ward can help, and the missionaries will know what efforts the ward is making and what it is that the missionaries can do to help.

This week we got to see some of the fruits of working with the members. I had a really cool experience I wanted to share with you.

Saturday night, after having passed-by and called almost every investigator we had we were rather desesperado because we honestly weren’t expecting anyone in church the following day. I had this feeling that there was a member that was going to bring someone, or someone that needed to bring someone and I told my companion. We started to think of different members that we could call, to invite them to invite someone to church. From the list we made no one answered. That night when we prayed, like always we prayed for the members to have missionary experiences and specifically that the members could invite someone to church.

We left that morning to go search for some people; they were all sleeping and didn´t open. We went back to church for the last part of Elders Quorum, then decided to leave again; again with no results.

But about 5 minutes after we get back, two people arrive, a less active Hermana and her son that a member had invited to come.

The came to the last two hours (principios del evangelio (Sunday School) and la Sacramental). The son (non member) accepted us to go visit him tomorrow. I´m super excited to get to know them better. Honestly these last few weeks have been a bit rough. We had been finding very few people and the few people we were finding after the second visit didn´t want anything.

While we wait on the results of our work with the members we still feel the urgency to find more people to teach. Elder Torres and I have put some personal plans and goals to find more people to teach, so I´m excited for this following week.

I´m doing great, loving the ward. The members keep surprising me with their disposition to work.

Well Love you all,

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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