Sunday, August 16, 2015

Working With Ward Mission Leaders Effectively

Ben's Letter from July 6, 2015

Hola familia,

Good to hear you all are doing well back home. This week was really good. We had the mission leadership council (where all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders come together and decide how to improve certain aspects of our work as missionaries). It was really good. We talked about 3 main points:
   How to find more progressing investigators
   How to use the My Family pamphlet (family history) and the Book of Mormon more effectively.
   How to more effectively use the Ward Mission leader

We have put goals as a mission to fill out the My Family pamphlet with photos, stories and specific dates to be able to show it to those we meet and easily use it in our teaching.

We are going to increase our contact with the ward mission leader by at least every other day if not every day. Before in the mission, we would probably never actually talk with the ward mission leader other than Sunday or in the correlation meetings. We, as zone leaders, are responsible for working with the stake and district leaders to make sure that every unit has a capable ward mission leader that has desires to work.

We will also be making a big emphasis in using the Book of Mormon in every lesson. Seems like a pretty obvious thing right, but as a mission we've been a little flojo with that.

You asked me if I was in a leadership position. Elder Leite and I are Zone Leaders here in Florida. There are 14 missionaries in our zone, and there are 6 Branches. We're in a district where the mission & the zone is doing well. We have a few problemitas here and there, but nothing we can't handle. Our zone is doing well. We are working a lot with the local leaders to strengthen the branches. We're trying to coordinate as much as possible.

Today I worked on my Family Tree. I would love it if you could send me some photos from the Lucas side. We have a half hour every P-day to work on our tree. I can't really look for more people to add, but I can upload photos and write stories and memories. It's rather fun. I have quite a few photos from the Taylor side but I don't have almost anything from the Lucas Side. I would also like a photo of Uncle Jack and us fishing, I was writing a "memory" of him and I would like to know if we by chance have any photos from when we used to fish with him in the retention pond behind grandmas house.

Love you all. I'm doing well and happy, working hard.

√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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