Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mission Leadership Training & Zone Conference

This is Ben's letter from June 8, 2015
Hola Familia.

That`s amazing. Congratulations JT on your mission call to Yekatrinburg Russia. Start preparing now. I would imagine learning the alphabet a little beforehand would help. 

I looked on LDS maps and it looks like his entire mission is composed of 8 mission branches. (Not even a district)  That´s going to be an amazing experience. He´s going to get to know everyone really, really well. Talk about establishing Zion.

So he´ll be learning Russian. That´s awesome.

Literally almost exactly two years after I left. That´s super awesome. Well start preparing and take care. You might want to start attending the classes in gospel principles; I would imagine you would be giving your fair share of gospel principle classes in these next two years or so.

My week was great. We had the Mission Leadership Council. We talked a lot about working with the ward leaders, and improving our own personal efforts in finding people to teach. We were there all day, then at 7pm we went to the temple for an endowment session. Following the endowment session we then stayed the night in the temple hostal we then returned home. We are planning the Zone Conference we are going to give tomorrow. We are going to talk about two main subjects that we felt really strongly we need to talk about. 

My companion will be talking about the parable of the nobleman from D&C 101: with that he will be talking about "all the strength of my house" comparing it to the work we should be doing withe the members and missionaries all together.

I will be talking about our "own initiative" (iniciativa propia, it sounds a lot better in Spanish) I will talk about how in all things we do we shouldn´t wait for other to act before we take the initiative to do something. Our goal as a stake and as a zone is to work as much as possible with the members, but just because they aren´t participating doesn´t give us excuse to not give all we have to find and teach people.

I continue in Belloni (Bay Show Nee), and am still with elder Torres. I have been looking at the little slips of paper. They´re great. I continue looking at them when every I´m down. I don´t look at them every day because I get a little un focused, jokingly my companions call it my trunky cup.

Well I Love you all alot. Take care.

√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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