Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting Transferred to the interior of Uruguay

This is Ben's letter from June 16, 2015
Hola Familia. Como están

So I´ve been doing great, good to hear that everyone is doing so well at home. I´m going to spend a little bit of time sending some photos from this change since it´s been a long time since I´ve sent any photos back home.

Tomorrow we received the transfers from this change. I am going to the branch Estación in the district of Florida. It is in the interior and is from what I understand a fairly small district, but has had plans for a while to convert into a stake. I am going to be with Élder Leite (pronounced Lay-chee). He´s from Brazil and is about 3 or 4 changes younger in the mission than me. My companion, Élder Torres is going to stay here with the other Élder Taylor (from my group). 

I was looking back on my time here in the stake and I´m pretty proud of the things that have happened here as a stake. The system we´ve put in place of working more closely between the members and the local leaders I hope will help the future generations of missionaries in the manner that the Lord wants us to work.

This last weekend we had an activity called "Por Esto Creo", which is basically the activity we used to do in our stake called "Why I Believe" (I don´t know if they still do it any more). We did it and invited 4 people to tell their conversion stories.
1) Katty from los ceibos who is a recent convert from the last two weeks shared how meeting the gospel could change her life and the life of her 3 children who also got baptized with her.
2) Élder Rudy Diaz shared his conversion story of how he was able to join the church even though at the beginning his family was not interested in him joining.
3) María Fiuri from Belloni shared her story of how she could return to the church after 5 years of inactivity, she is now blind and the 5 years before she, over time began to lose faith in god, but since then has returned and is now is preparing to enter in the temple to receive her endowment.
4) Gina Pitta the mother of the stake president who has raised her children in the church even though her husband is not a member. She shared how living the gospel to the best of her ability has blessed her life with 3 children who are all active, married, and sealed members of the church.

It was amazing to hear these stories. I really enjoyed hearing from them. The stake decided that they want to do the activity once every 6 weeks from now on. 

I´m doing well and am super excited to go to Florida, 

Love you,

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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