Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sacrament Meeting Blessings

12-15-14 This is the first letter Ben sent this week. I will post the other one separately.

This has been a good week here in La Paloma. We saw a lot of blessings this Sunday. We had attendance of 30 and only 4 were from Rocha. We had 3 investigators in the chapel and a lot of less active members/families (9).

We’ve been having a hard time over here finding firm "new people" to teach, and were honestly not expecting anyone in the chapel this week, but one of the less active brothers we invited (who now has desires to return to activity) brought his wife who is not a member. We now have an appointment to meet with them again, so we’ll see where that leads to...

It was a lovely meeting. We had some talks given by some members (even less active members) and they were all super prepared and really made it a spiritual experience for everyone there. And all of the recent converts are still attending without fail, It’s really exciting to see the branch grow the way it is.

Skype: I don´t think it should be a problem with regards of finding Internet. It’s very probable that we’re going to have to do it in the Family History Center since that there are no members that have Internet, that are going to be staying in La Paloma for Christmas. I´ll have to send you the hours that we’re doing it that day. Let me know if there’s a specific hour you would prefer us to do it in. We are looking forward to seeing Ben's face and hearing his voice on Christmas day. We will try to record it and post some of the conversation, if possible.

I started getting the cards, and they’re amazing. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get the rest. I got all of the cards for up to the 18th of the month. I honestly don’t know if the package has come or not. We will be receiving mail this Wednesday. We had a 2' x 3' vinyl banner printed that I placed a bunch of photos of the family. Most of the photos are from the last year that Ben has been on his mission and were things he missed. We only send a few photos when we write, so we don't cause any internet issues. We cut the banner into pieces, like a puzzle and included pieces in envelopes with Christmas Cards and letters from us and people in the ward. He can re-assemble the banner a section at a time as he gets the cards. We hope all of the cards arrive safely.

I love you all so much and wish the best for you.
Till next week,

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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