Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Baptism & A Stressful Sunday

This is Ben's letter from 12-8-14

Hola Familia,
Thanks for the pictures. I hope Will is feeling better now and all is well back home. We have started the initiative of the video from the church of "He is the Gift", and everyone here has loved it. No one has Internet here (so we're gonna have to figure out the whole Skype situation down here). We were worried about how we were supposed to share the video with everyone. I was able to download it onto my memory stick and use it in the peoples cable receivers they have down here. What luck that the most basic form of television, that even the poorest people have, works with the video format.

This week has been good, long, and hot.

This Sunday was probably one of the most stressful I've had in a long time! The sister that comes from Rocha to teach Sunday school (45 min ride in bus) was on a bus that was running super late. The other sister that teaches combined Relief Society was sick, and President Trinidad was at home taking care of his sick wife.

We got there with about 10 people and no lesson. So, I basically winged it basing the hour long lesson out of my scripture study the day before. After the first hour the other sister arrived just in time to teach Sunday School along with the Branch President. At that moment Hermano Torrez got a call from his wife, who was at home, saying that she needed to go to the hospital to deliver her baby. He left flying out of the building in that moment, leaving President Trinidad and us as the only priesthood holders. 

The second hour went just fine, then about 5 min before the Sacrament Meeting, President Trinidad told me that his wife had called him from home and her airways were closing and was close to suffocation so he left flying out of there to revive his wife and left me in charge.

I made a quick call to the District President in Rocha to make sure it was OK and I presided and directed the Sacrament meeting. We had 24 people this week. We also had the confirmation of Sara Gladys Barboza Camaño. It was a lovely testimony meeting. All three of the recent converts shared their testimonies along with just about everyone else in the congregation.
Sara Gladys Barboza Camaño con Hermano Juan Torrez
Se bautizó Sabado 6 de Diciembre 2014    

Now everything is nice and calm but in those short 3 hours it seemed like everything was falling out from underneath us, but in the end,  we still had an amazing meeting for everyone there.

Sorry I don't have much time, my computer closed and I lost what I had written before.

I love you all a lot!

Chaocitos,  (We have no idea what this word is and when we tried to look it up, it does not exist. I think Ben may have spelled whatever it was wrong-oh well.)

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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