Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Almost time to Skype!

Ben's letter from 12-22-14
I don't have a lot of time. I am extremely excited to get to talk to all of you in Skype on Christmas. We are planning on doing it here at about 5 ish for me. It will be 40 min (in accordance with the missionary handbook).

I hope everything is going just great back home. It's so good to hear about everyone back home. Have some questions prepared, and I'll try to have a few prepared for you guys. Hopefully, the Internet will work pretty well. The district president, President Rocha, is going to set his computer up for us in the church (that has some of the best Internet in the department of Rocha).

I just sent you the Christmas devotional that we had (the majority is in English because all the good Christmas songs are in English). The zone of Rocha went in about minute 58 if you want to see my face, but if you want to hear pretty music I would suggest pretty much any other moment of the devotional. We had one or two original songs by missionaries and members from back home, so enjoy.

The mission went all out for the conference, I was super glad that I wasn't in the offices at the time they had to organize all this.

I have gotten all the letters, and I still need to open a few, but I haven't gotten any package yet. Don't worry too much, I'm sure it'll come soon.

The transfers are on the 31st of December. We still don't know who is changing and who is staying.

We are planning on having a baptism this Friday, Her name is Jimena (He-máy-nah). She is part of a part member family, so with her, we will be completing the whole family except the grandfather, which should be happening pretty soon.

I'm super excited to see all of you soon. Don't forget to keep sharing the ´He Is The Gift´ video with everyone you know.

Love ya and See ya on Christmas!

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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