Thursday, December 19, 2013

Watch Out Uruguay--Here Come's Elder Taylor

EXCITING NEWS!!! Ben is now in Uruguay and here is his first letter to us. Now he can get to the business of spreading the joy of the gospel to all those in Uruguay!

Hola Familia,

I just made it to Uruguay yesterday. Yesterday was nice, we arived in Uruguay at about 10 am local time. We went to the mission home and had some orientation. 

I met my companion. His name is Elder Gardner; He is an inch or two taller than me, skinny, white, blue eyes, blonde hair. He has been out for 14 months. I cannot believe that Ben got put with someone taller than him--they will probably stand out in a crowd.

I only have a few minutes. In order to skype with me on Christmas, I need you to send me an account with password for me to log onto here, and you need to tell me the account I should contact you at. Make sure you test it at home so you know it works. We will skype at around 1PM local (Uruguay) time. Make sure the account works and you send me the right password. Ben is putting a lot of faith in us. You know what we will be working on this weekend--anyone want to test Skype with us?? I am excited that we will get to see him as well as talk to him. I hope the connection is good.

Uruguay is beautiful. The people so far have been nice. Our house (not apartment) is nice, especially for Uruguay. I will email about this next Monday and that will be my P-day from now on. Now we will be on the same PDay schedule as other missionaries. That will be nice.

So here they call all Greenies, "Oros". It means Gold or Golden in Spanish. So I am Elder Gardner's Oro. 

Well, gotta go. 


Elder Taylor

P.S. don`t forget to send me the Skype info before I email on Monday. I think this reminder is payback for the 10 times I have reminded him to let me know about his travel plans and Christmas call or he is worried about our memory in our 'old age' now that we have a son old enough to serve a mission :)

p.s. I love you guys!!!!!!!

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