Monday, December 23, 2013

Congratulations Elder Seguine-Ben's cousin reports to MTC

My cousin Elder Seguine is leaving on his mission to Kiribati. He`s an awesome guy, and will work so hard and be so successful. I wish him the best on his awesome adventure.

I thought in honor of Elder Dallin Seguine and Elder Ben Taylor, I would include some pictures from their early years together as cousins. They are only about 6 months apart in age and spent lots of time together until the Seguines moved to the east coast. It is only fitting that they should be serving missions at the same time.

Ben pushing Dallin
Dallin helping Ben celebrate his birthday
The Taylor cousin's--Dallin is on the left in the green shirt and Ben is on the right in the blue shirt. I am not sure what Justin (red tank top) and Taylor (Dallin's sister in the purple pants) are doing, but they sure make me laugh.

Dallin (in back) and from L-R: Justin, Reid Taylor (oldest Taylor cousin, who served a mission to Denver North Mission) and Ben in the summer of 2012

Ben, Justin, Dallin & Reid at the beach this summer

Ben leaving on 11/7/13 for his mission

Dallin leaving on 12/18/13 for his mission

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  1. Sniff, Sniff... that was awesome Shawna! Thank you for such a beautiful post about these cousins who are so lucky to have each other. I can't believe those little boys are heading out all over the world!