Thursday, December 12, 2013

MTC Update-Week 5 Letter

Can you believe that it has been 5 weeks? Here is Ben's weekly email to the family. I can hardly wait to read his email on Thursday mornings and love hearing from him. His time at the CCM is winding down and it sounds like he is ready to get to work in Uruguay. Enjoy!

¡Hola Familia!

It's so great to hear from you guys. So, this week was rather pretty fun. 

I'll start with proselyting. My companion Elder Johnson and I received a new area for proselyting this week. The houses aren't nearly as huge in this area. I was actually sort of grateful. We had the opportunity to talk to far more at their doors instead of through an intercom. 

One strange thing about proselyting this week is my companion and I tried to go in with an attitude of talking to as many people as possible. When you think of the importance of what you're saying, you can't wait to share it with everyone. We didn't have as many lessons or place as many materials, but I would like to think we planted a lot of seeds and I personally ended the day with a far better feeling of I really gave it my all.

After proselyting I couldn't help but think about getting to my first area, with my first companion, my first investigators.... I love the people in my small 12sq block area, but it´s a little difficult to feel like I am contributing much to the work there, since I just hand over my referrals to the missionaries that actually are assigned to serve there. 

I can't wait to get in my area and just share the message that me and my companion have; to be the one responsible for keeping up with our investigators, teaching prepared lessons, and seeing the full process of someone completely changing their life. The fact that the Lord lets me be a part of this grand work is something that I´m thankful for everyday. 

I'm thankful for my time in the Argentina CCM, but 6 weeks is a long time to go to the same class and sit for 12 hours everyday, ¡¡¡¡I just can't wait to be in Uruguay!!!!

When I'm on the computer every night (for the Technology Assisted Language Learning, or TALL; It´s essentially like a churchy Rosetta Stone), I put in the weather for Plainfield IN on the desktop widget and see snow, sleet, ice, rain, cold... I´m not gonna lie, I miss it. I have a hard time with this sentence--any of us in the states who have had the pleasure of experiencing this early 'Arctic Draft' that has been causing all sorts of troubles and frigid weather, would have to wonder how you would actually miss it. I guess this is his way of letting us know he misses us :)

It's just always the same here. It rains like once a week then the rest of the week is 75-83 all day. Again, I am so jealous. I wouldn't mind this kind of weather on a regular basis. So... the odds of a white Christmas, nada. I am excited for Christmas down here because the people spend a lot of money on fireworks, and hopeful we´ll get invited to a Uruguayan BBQ that day.

I still don´t know travel plans yet, but I´ll let you know if they let me email home again before I leave. Poor Ben, we have been asking about when he will arrive in Uruguay (probably a lot), so he was nicely trying to let us know that he doesn't know anything yet. I will have to stop reminding him to give us his travel plans. It sounds like he won't forget to mention it in his next letter home. 

I don´t have any new pictures since we can only take them every other Sunday, so here´s some old ones I don´t think I shared.

The Argentina CCM, or to us, the Argentina MTC, where Ben has spent the last 5 weeks

p.s. I love you, Everything is fantastic. 

¡Nos Vemos, Les Amo!

Elder Taylor

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