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Trip to Cancun (not really) Ward Event

February 16, 2015 letter

Hola Familia,

So good to hear from you. Sounds like it's been a pretty busy week for all of you. It was fun to hear about drumline. Thanks mom for all the work that you and the other parents do. Sounded like that was quite a bit of hemming. 
Congrats durmline on 3rd!!! What class are they in in IPA and in WGI???

Today we went to say goodbye to Gustavo at the Airport (with president´s permission). He's a young adult recent convert of Elder Eraso, who always hangs out with us on Pday and accompanies us to lessons. He got baptized about a year and a half ago and now he is on his way to the Spain Madrid MTC to learn Italian to serve in Italy. So that was cool to be with him for that moment.

This week was awesome and we were extremely busy. We had the baptisms of Santiago and Allistair this Saturday. It was an amazing service. It was then followed by a ward activity put on by the missionaries. 

It was called a Trip to Cancun. It starts out with every missionary making a little carnival game where people can win or loose fake money. You play for a while and at the end you have the people buy their plane tickets with that money. Those who have a lot of money can buy a ticket in 1st class, those who have some money get a Family Class Ticket, and everyone who lost all their money gets an economic ticket.

We start the plane ride towards Cancun with plane sounds, lights, flight attendants, and captains. Then later, the plane has problems in the flight and it crashes. The lights go out and an Angel/missionary dressed in white appears from the Chapel with lights behind him and reads the parable of the talents. 

We then divided into three groups with an angel at the head that takes them to the three rooms we had decorated to represent the 3 kingdoms Celestial, Terestrial, and the Telestial. The Celestial is decorated in White, has soft music, food, flowers, and nice soft chairs. The Terestrial is like a normal room with the lights turned off but the window open for light (you can't talk in this room). The Telestial was the smallest room we could find. We turned on the gas stove to make it hot, left a radio in the corner with white noise (static) playing, and the windows and lights were covered with black trash bags so it gave off a very small amount of light, and they needed to sit in the little kids chairs.

It was super fun and was a great way to teach about the plan of salvation. There were a good number of investigators there and lots of less actives. It required so much work but it was completely worth it. I think it would be really fun in Plainfield. If it worked here so well with just 4 Kid Missionaries organizing almost everything, imagine how a gigantic ward with lots of people, resources, a bigger building, and well functioning organizations could make it a huge success.

My game for the carnival section was learning the piano. I taught three songs- Hot Crossed Buns (easy), Mary Had a Little Lamb (med), and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (hard). I had it all written out on little poster board for them to use. Elder GutiƩrrez did something with a nerf gun and stuffed animals. Everyone enjoyed and then we all had a great time playing.

One more thing. We are going to the temple in a few weeks, so if there are any names that I could do for our family (from Baptism to Endowment), we are going to be able to do all of them. I already went to FamilySearch and printed off the cards for a super distant family member, but if there were someone else, closer I would love to do it. So send me the Sheet that I can scan in and I'll do it.

Love you all lots!

Elder Benjamin Taylor

Here are some pictures from this last week. Our Lunch, Sleep over the last night of the change, Leadership meeting: Me, Elder Espinoza, Elder Morales, Elder Eraso, and Elder GutiƩrrez.

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