Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baptism & Lessons in Leadership

February 10, 2015 Letter

Hola Familia!

So good to hear from you. Life here is great! We had the baptismal service of Andrea Baraldo. She was the lady that Elder Muñoz and I were teaching in Buceo (the offices), who was going to get baptized there until we realized that she lived an hour away in Belloni. We had to pass the reference to the missionaries here in Belloni. But there were some things that happened and in the end she had never been baptized. 

So, when we got here, one of the first things we did was call her and set up an appointment. It took a few weeks for her to feel ready but now she is doing super well and was baptized this last Friday (02/06/15). 

She was actually the first person that I baptized (all the other converts that I taught have been baptized by a member from the ward, or by my companion.) 

It was a very cool experience.

Because of some family problems Allistair, who was going to be baptized with Andrea, was not able to be baptized but will be getting baptized this Saturday along with Santiago. So... prayers for their well-being would be much appreciated if possible.

Last night we received the transfers and I am staying one more change here with Elder Gutiérrez. The work here is amazing and I am loving every minute being in this ward. The members are so willing to work and are helping so much.

Concilio was great and we learned a lot. We talked a lot about leadership. The Administrative and Ministry sides. It was really interesting and I feel like it will serve me for the rest of my life. In a short explanation: I learned a lot about Ministering when I studied the word Stewardship. Stewardship is when I have been trusted with someone’s land, business, or possessions and I am expected to take care of it as if I were the legitimate owner. 

When you are a minister or someone who ministers something, you are charged with a responsibility or task and are expected to carry it out in the same way that a steward would care for his masters possession.

This helped me recognize the importance of the ministry that has been trusted to me as missionary.
   the spiritual and physical well being of the missionaries in my zone
   the work here in the zone as well as in my own personal area
   the conversion of the members, and non members here in my area
   my own personal conversion

And I must fulfill every one of these responsibilities that I've been given in the exact same way that the Lord would do it. With love, charity, mercy, patience, righteousness, and with a willing and submissive heart.

I think this lesson will help me for the rest of my life in every calling that I have; be it Nursery Teacher or Gospel Doctrine Teacher, from Greeter to Ward Mission Leader. What ever it is, I need to complete with it in the Way the Lord himself would.

I love you all so much,


Elder Benjamin Taylor

Pictures from this last week, intercambio with lunch in the gym set up for the wedding of some converts and the last Zone conference.

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