Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Investigator-Heart Prepared for the Gospel

February 24, 2015 Letter

Hola Familia!

What crazy weather you all have had lately. I really miss the snow, I hope the winter that I get home has a lot of snow. Wow! I can't hardly believe that Emma is already home, and that she's engaged. Congrats!At least for now I don't have plans get engaged in at least the first month of returning, but we'll just see won't we. 

This week we were blessed to have many beautiful experiences. Our unity as a companionship has improved so much and I feel like we are teaching with more power and we are learning how to rely more than ever upon the spirit.

We are teaching a new investigator who we found last week. We have been working a lot with the ward directory looking for less actives/inactive that were at one point Endowed but have expired recommends. We were looking for someone, but they had moved and no longer lived there so we went next door to ask the neighbors if they knew something about her. 

A lady and her mother (the mother´s name is Clara) in a wheel chair were outside of the house next door so we talked to them about the person and in the end ended up sharing with them about what it is we teach. Clara is about 65 and has bone cancer and other spinal problems. About 4 years ago other missionaries made contact with her after she was nominated for a wheel chair from the churches wheel chair fund (LDS Philanthropies). She used to listen to the missionaries but we think both the missionaries were taken out suddenly and they could never find her again because she lives in a very hard to find place very far from the majority of the area.

She has so much faith, she has lost her daughter recently, but despite that she continues trusting so much in God and is getting ready to be baptized the 7th of March.

Since we found her at the end of the week, we couldn't find anyone that could go pick her up. So we left early Sunday morning from the house at 7:15 to go get her. She lives about a 45 min walk from the church, but I didn't think her wheel chair would make it all the way without breaking through the dirt/rocky roads. 

We were able to take her to the closest bus stop and take the bus (which recently in the last 2 months have received hydraulic ramps for people in wheel chairs) to the church. 

Everyone was so kind to her when we got there. Everyone said Hi, gave her a kiss (that's how they say hi here) and tried to get to know her. She was there for all three meetings and almost every leader approached us and asked us what they could do to help her.

She loved the experience, even though it was physically exhausting for her, but she was so excited to come back she told everyone on her way out "see you next week!"
We talked with the President of the Young men and with the elders quorum and they are already organizing for at least one youth and adult to go by to pick her up. They were so excited for the opportunity to serve.

It was such a blessing to first of all meet her because my faith has been strengthened so much; and second of all to serve her and make it possible for her to go to the chapel. And I'm so excited for the Charla we have with her tonight. We're going to bring some members so they can get to know her.

I know that this is a true work, and that the Lord is always preparing the hearts of the people to be able to receive the gospel, we just need to be diligent and look for them.

Well, I love you all and hope everything is going well for you all back home. 


√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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