Thursday, May 22, 2014

Open House in Malvin--A Huge Success!

Hey guys,

How are you guys doing? This last weekend we had the open house in the Church in Malvín (where we are). It was very exciting! 

We have a Missionary couple that go from ward to ward doing open houses. It was awesome! We spent these last three weeks inviting everyone we came in contact with to come. Many of the members did a lot to help. 

Everyone starts in the Chapel where we have a giant cutout of the "Christus" statue. Some of the teachings of Christ are played in the background and everyone listens to them for about 4-5 min. 

Later the Sister missionaries (3 companionship's) took everyone on a tour through the gym where we had various poster boards teaching pretty much all the lessons starting with The Restoration, The Plan of Salvation, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and also about other things like the Temple and Eternal Families. 

The Sisters did an awesome job, were super prepared and taught super well. After the Sisters presentation, were Elder Muñoz and I at the reference table. We shared some scriptures then asked them to fill out the cards. It was really awesome! We received almost 50 referrals with address that live close, and another 15 with just phone numbers. 

After our stand, the Ward Mission Leader took them to the baptismal font, where Elder Gardner and Elder Eraso taught about Baptism more in depth. They also invited all that passed throughout the presentation to be baptized. There were over 10 people who have accepted the challenge to prepare themselves to be baptized by someone who possesses the authority of God in the Church of Jesus Christ.

After that, they all went to the other rooms where the various leaders of each auxiliary and quorum presented something for a few minutes. It was great to have so much participation from all the members. 

I was thinking of how this is something that someone could totally do in our ward, with so many missionaries, awesome members, and great youth. It was super successful down here. It might be something that someone could do as a value project (hint, hint...). I have been serving as a YW leader on a ward and stake level for a number of years. It is funny to see Ben look at things that would be a great goal for Personal Progress. I guess I got him trained well.  It required a lot of organization, hanging posters, and handing out invitations, and coordination from the ward and missionaries, but it was great!

We changed P-Day various times because of the open house, then because there was so much to do yesterday, and now we´ll still be running (quite literally) to the bank after I send this. I loved Skyping with you guys the other day. Thanks for the letters (mom and dad). We read ours today. It was super fun--my companion loved it. We sent Ben and his companion letters in the mail with a favorite talk from conference. Ben's companion doesn't speak much English, so we wrote letters in English and then used Google Translate to convert them to Spanish. We don't know how well it worked, but I it sounds like they got some laughs out of it.

His letter ended there and then a few minutes latter we got this email:

Ps. Love you 

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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