Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day and paying rent

This week was probably one of the weirdest I'm gonna have in the mission. 

So, the plumber came this last week and we had to empty the house for a week. We couldn't find any other houses close by where other elders lived to stay at, so we ended up staying in the mission home with President and Hermana Cook. We also went from having several showers for all 6 of us in the morning to having only one.  

It was so nice of the Cook's to receive us into their home. Hermana Cook bought us breakfast foods for the mornings. She made us pancakes for a late dinner (because she knew we had a long day), and just has gone out of her way to help us in so many ways. I felt very comforted to know that I was being cared for  so far away from my family. I also know how thankful my Mother and Grandmother would feel knowing that I am being taken care of. 

This last week I learned a lot. It was the week of rents. Right now we are trying to convert all of the rents that we are paying for the missionaries to be payed  electronically and automatically.  We have to be in contact basically all day with the landlords and the renting companies. I am trying to learn as fast as I can so I can continue being more help in the office and carry my fair share of the work load.

On the non office note:

This week we didn't have as many opportunities to leave as this last week. We had been getting a little down about that. It's been a little harder this week, but fortunately were able to see a few more miracles. We have been preparing for an open house in our chapel (put on by the local stake missionares and the Senior Couple Hermana and Elder Burnett). Any opportunity we have we are inviting people to come, we're putting up flyers all over the town, and putting passalong card invitations on every door. We're hoping for a big turn out. All the members are really excited!

I  don't have much time and I'll tell you more tomorrow...we will get to Skype with Ben for Mothers Day and we are very excited to see his face and hear his voice at the same time. We are hoping for a great connection like we had for the call last Christmas. 

Thank you so much for writing with my companion. His companion does not have much support from his family since he joined the church three years ago. We are attempting to write him in Spanish which I am sure gives them lots of laughs. I love you so much!!!

√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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