Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cambios (Changes)

Ben's email arrived again on Tuesday instead of Monday. We were very anxious to find out if his first baptism happened. Enjoy his letter and see what changes are happening in his life.

Hola Familia,

As for the news on Richard... He is the newest member of Bario: Libia, Estaca: Maroñas. Richard's baptism was awesome!

We told the bishop to announce the baptism for right after church so that way we could have more people there. He told us that we needed to choose another time. So we decided 8 o'clock (p.m.) on Saturday (20:00 hrs). The bishop announced 8 a.m. Sunday morning instead, so that was kinda funny. 

The biggest problem we have with our members is getting them to church at 9 o'clock (for this reason we have the sacrament service at 11). So our goal was to find people to participate in the baptismal service at 08:00 a.m. One of our speakers slept too late and did not make it to the service, so Elder Gardner gave the first talk before the baptism. The the member doing the baptism was about 20 min late also. Everything worked out last minute though. 

The service was very special, and spiritual. It is  very apparent that Richard made this decision for the right reason. To change, start over on a better, more fulfilling path. Later, in sacrament meeting, he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We talked with him the day after and he said he has already felt a huge difference in his life. 

Right now we are focusing on teaching him about the Priesthood, so his home and his grandmother can have access to the wonderful blessings that come with it. Also, we are starting a small family history with him. So he can go to the temple with his grandmother. It's amazing to see such a changed man, to see the happiness and joy this has brought to him and his grandmother.

Elder Gardner, Richard, Richard's Grandmother and Ben before Richard's baptism
This week is also the end of my first 6 weeks. Elder Gardner and I received the call last night...   (The English translation was provided by Ben--thank goodness--as this would have been way beyond my capabilities)

"Élder Gardner: Se Va, por Malvin como Líder de Zona"
(Elder Gardner is leaving, and he´s leaving to Malvin as the Zone Leader)

"Élder Taylor: Se Queda en Libia, como compañero menor con Líder de Districto Élder Ve´e"
(Elder Taylor is staying in Libia as Junior Companion to District leader Elder Ve´e)

Elder Gardner says that Elder Ve'e lived part of his early life in the Polynesian islands. Other than that I still haven't met him. I´ll give you more accurate information next week.

Also in the way of mission news. President and Sister Newsome, because of business problems and other problems back home, had to return home. So now we´re in between Mission Presidents. We have an Area Seventy filling the spot. 

I forgot to tell you last week. That's why the schedule got changed last week and I emailed on Tuesday. (We were worried last week when we did not get an email from Ben on Monday, but he did not mention anything in his previous email. He also emailed us on Tuesday this week, but maybe things will get back to normal soon) The name of my next Mission President is President Cook, I think.

I hope everything is going well back home and y'all don´t get too much snow. (We have been sharing with Ben about all of the lovely weather he is missing this winter in Indiana. I don't think he is missing it very much)

Elder Taylor (back row) with his District
Back left to right: E Pachas, E Ashcraft, E McFarland, Me, E Gardner, E Reynolds
Front left to right: Hma Jines, Hma Cardona, Hma Rodriguez, and Hma Louder

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