Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year Uruguay!

Hola Familia!

So this week was the first week of the New Year. Back home I don't ever remember us making a big deal about the New Year. Here it's practically a 3 day event. Everything closes halfway through the 30th and doesn't open till the afternoon on the 2nd. 

We had permission to stay up late again to watch the ´Fuegos Artificiales´ (fireworks). The mission manual say holidays are the best to contact people because they´re with their families. I'm sure that works well some places, but in my Libia Uruguay, not so much. 

We set up a day full charlas (visits) with some investigators and some in-actives, but all but one fell through because they were visiting family, going to the street fair, or something else like that. So a lot of our day was knocking doors as a back up plan. 

The people here are awesome, kind and loving. But come the holidays, they all love to party, and when they party it's the day before the holiday, through the holiday, and a little into the following day.  So that day was a little rough, but the one charla (visit) we ended up having was really awesome. 

It was with one of our investigators who is recovering from a pretty heavy duration of time using drugs. He's completely turned his life around and is now a spiritual giant. He has had most of the discussions and attends church every week. He and is girlfriend are planning on getting married in a few months. She is also participating in the charlas (visits), but doesn't really have a background in religion, so were still trying to explain to her the need of God, a Savior, a church. We ended up coming back home that night (the 31st) dead tired and slightly frustrated. 

The other Élderes en our house received a huge bucket of Asado, chorizo, rice, empenadas, and fresh bread. Élder Gardner and I pitched in a couple of our leftovers and we had a great New Years feast. After the dinner, we went up to the roof and took a mini 1 hr nap waiting for the fireworks. It was actually pretty chilly out and really windy (first time since I've been here). 

The fireworks were a little different from Christmas. Christmas was just a lot of fireworks for probably 2 hours continuously. New Years, there were a few people doing fireworks about an hour before midnight, but within about 30 seconds it seemed like there was a war going on. There were easily at least 50% more fireworks than from Christmas. 

I genuinely have no words to describe it other than, there is no such thing as illegal fireworks here.

Well, I hope everything is going well at home. Don't forget to hug each other for me.

¡Les Amo!
Élder Taylor

Happy 2014 Uruguay!

Nap time on the roof-waiting for fireworks
New Year feast

Ben and the Elders he shares a house with eating their New Years feast

Ben and the other Elders waiting on fireworks New Years Eve

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