Sunday, November 9, 2014

Financial Secretaries-last photo together

 Ben sent this email and pictures with his letter on October 20, 2014. I could not get a good translation, so I asked him to translate it for me the next week.

Fotos de los Financieros más capazos de todas las misiones del mundo.
Vamos Arriba!!!

Élder Mateo Galeano

Secretario Financiero

PIctures of the Financiers, the most capable (the biggest studs) of all the missions in the world. ¡Oh Yeah! or ¡Lets Go!

I don't know if that is the most unbiased translation, but it is what I have to work with. I know Ben loved being a financial secretary in the Mission Office for 6 months and learned a lot. He is happy to be back out proselyting in his little area. He has gained some great experiences in his first year of his mission.

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