Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baptism & Pancakes

Ben's letter from 11-10-14

Hola Familia,

This was another great week, busy, but great!

We were blessed with the baptism with Yanina Gaúna this last Tuesday. I feel comfortable saying that she is easily one of the best converts I've ever seen. The fellowshipping in the branch has been great with her. She already has done a little family history and has 6 names to take to the temple when we go. She has an amazing testimony, reads, turns to prayer when the times get difficult. She has been finding us people to teach and giving us the references, then goes with us to contact them. 
Preident Trinidad, Elder Rollins, Wully Torres, Yanina Gauna, Elder Taylor

On her way to church she passed by an old widow (who she met in the past weeks at church), that hadn't been planning on going. She waited for her to get ready and helped her walk to church and sat by her during the classes. I just think of the changes she's made in her life, and the person she's become and it just brings tears to my eyes. The gospel of Jesus Christ is such a powerful force of change in peoples lives. I've learned that a lot recently.

The activity we planned to plan the temple trip ended up falling through because no one could come. We had made 24 pancakes for the 12 people we were expecting and just us, one sister, and presidente Trinidad came. So we ended up with a ton of pancakes to eat between the four of us.
American Pancakes
Uruguayan Pancakes

In the pictures you can see the difference between an American pancake and an Uruguayan pancake. Everyone is always really surprised by how fluffy and delicate and yummy they are, and that we use sweet toppings, they use meats and other savory things on their pancakes.

So... we introduced the concept of going to the temple to everyone during the second hour on Sunday and everyone was extremely excited. We have already quite a few people that are planning on going with us.

Elder Rollins is doing great other than his ingrown toenail, which should be getting fixed on Wednesday when we go to Montevideo. 

All the things Ben uses to make homemade Empanadas

Elder Rollins eating his first empanada

This is the meal of fried foods Ben made

I love you all so much,

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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