Saturday, August 9, 2014

Helping Dad & Derby Pie

This is Ben's letter from August 2, 2014

Hola familia,

Hope everything is going well back home. I really miss those kind of projects back home. 

The next thing Ben is going to refer to is about working on a used car we just got. He will reminisce about helping Dad with various projects when he was at home. 
We told him in our letter for the week about the time we were going to spend doing some work on this car we just purchased. The car is a 1999 Chrysler Sebring that my Dad originally purchased earlier in the summer and after doing some work on it, he found one he liked more. It was a great price and we decided it to add it to the other red vehicles that we own. The real reason we got this car was to eventually replaced the minivan Justin has been driving. The Ford Windstar minivan (The Man-Van, as Justin calls it) is dying a slow, painful death and we needed another older vehicle to replace it. The minivan has over 235,000 miles on it and nearly everything has gone wrong with it or is about to.
Justin posing (not so willingly) on the first day of school in front of his favorite vehicle, referred to as the 'Man-Van'. William also wants a minivan when he learns how to drive because Justin has made him think it is so cool.

The Sebring is a convertible and the top was in bad shape. The previous owner had purchased a new top but never installed it. After 18 man hours to do it ourselves, we can understand why the previous owner hesitated. It now has a new roof and looks pretty good for a 15 year old car. 

I remember standing with my hand on my hips, holding a flashlight while Dad did all the work. Hopefully by the time I'm old (dad's age) I'll be able to fix things while my kids watch/hold the flashlight. That's really fun. I'm sure it will come out great. 

The weather has really improved. the other day it got to like 19°C which is like 66°F. It's just raining a lot and constantly sprinkling. This morning we went to "Punta Carretas" to play soccer (fútbol) with the office elders from Uruguay Montevideo West Mission. It was fun, with a constant light sprinkle along the beach (for that reason I didin´t take my camera out of the car so there aren´t any pictures). 

This afternoon for my birthday I am planing on making Derby Pie. I think it was Aunt Jen who introduced Ben to the only thing better than a Pecan Pie, a Derby Pie, which is basically a pecan pie with chocolate added. He has loved it ever since. I just need to find pecans at a fairly reasonable price. For me, the best P-day activity is almost always cooking closely followed by a nap.

This week has been good, We are almost done with the paying all of the rents for the month. Elder Galeano is learning fast. I put him to work filling out the paperwork and reading the contracts of the houses in order to put the landlords bank accounts in the churches payment system. It's a rather complex and time consuming process.

We heard back from President Cook about changing the time in the offices from 4 changes to 3 changes (24 weeks to 18 weeks). President has changed his mind for now and has decided that it would be too quick of a change and that a lot of things could easily be lost between generations of elders,so for now we're going to keep with the 4 change cycle. Ben told us about the change a while back and it would have shortened the time he was in the office. Now he for sure will be in the office for a total of 6 months.

Love you all so much. I hope you all have a great week.

Élder Benjamin Taylor

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