Monday, June 16, 2014

Found Uruguayan Gram--Very Short Letter

I am finally caught up!!!
This is the letter we just got from Ben on June 14, 2014. I felt bad because we did not have the ability to send Ben a nice long letter like usual due to Youth Conference the end of the week. This year was Trek (pushing handcarts in pioneer clothing and sleeping outdoors for 3 days). As Stake Young Women President, I was busy with making sure things went well and John came as support for the Logistics person. It looks like he did not have time this week to do a long letter either, so it all worked out. We will both send longer letters next week.

Send me pictures of trek

I was at an investigators house all day so we didn't get to email the full time. I'm gonna email better next week.

I found the Uruguayan version of Gram. She cooks amazingly and acts the exact same way, and is about the same height. 

Her name is Belka and she is investigating the church. Her husband is a member and we had lunch with them, and did some service all day today. 

It was super fun. 

Love you guys!!!

√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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