Tuesday, April 8, 2014

El Aguila, another wedding and General Conference

This week was awesome! I`ll start from the beginning.

So after I emailed you guys last week we had an activity as a zone. We went to this one place call El Aguila.

It's an old house in the shape of an Eagle head. It's interesting. It's located in a town called Atlantida. We got to go, lots of the elders played rugby, the others went exploring in the eagle head and on the beach. It was an awesome relaxing P-day.

The view on top from inside the head!!!
Then something else super exciting was a wedding that one of our future baptism's had. 

His name is Rubén. He married a less active member who has recently been activated again in the church. He has had a lot of contact with members of the church as of late. His wife, two or three co-workers, neighbors, and his little sister Melany recently was baptized. 

He has definitely been prepared by the Lord in his life. Right now he is our main focus, it might take a while, but He`ll get here!!

Prohibited to Throw Rice in the Ceremonial Hall

I just thought this sign was really funny for some reason. This place is like a BMV/DMV and has a wedding every 15 min on the hour. It's the only way that people get married down here (90% of the people anyways)

And of course...  General Conference!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing. I loved it. I learned so much, and... I got to listen to it in English. It was Me, Elder Reynolds (Zone Leader), Hermana Hickman (New Missionary from Texas), and Hermana Chin (New Missionary from Taipei Taewan) that watched it in English. We watched all of conference in a closet.

 It was super funny looking back. We all loved the messages shared. I really loved the talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks on Priesthood Authority in the priesthood session. 

The whole stake had to fit into our tiny little chapel because not many people have internet, or satellite TV, and the stake center is under construction. They had another room with a TV set up, so the English speakers were in a closet, haha. It`s (the chapel) smaller than the smallest one third of  the gym in our building
Conference served as an awesome opportunity to introduce our recent converts to who the prophets and apostles are. We had two investigators tell us they were going to come. We ended up calling to confirm with no answer. Then we passed by their house a few times to no avail and the last time we passed by they had decided that they didn't want to come. I know it's something small, but it's sad/frustrating when you have faith that someone is going to do something; and in the end they just don't do it.

But for the recent converts that came it was really awesome. One of our converts, Ana Laura, shared with us her testimony of the prophets; that she felt the spirit testifying to her when the brethren and sisters were speaking. I don't know why, but whenever we have a meeting that is different than the normal Sundays, I always worry about how the recent converts and investigators will feel or what they`ll think. I'm always surprised to find that the Investigators and Recent Converts are able to look past the fact that English speaking strangers that live in a different country on a projector screen are talking to them; they look past all the ¨different¨ things and really can feel the spirit testifying to them that these men are Prophets of God.

I love you guys, I miss you guys & I'm super happy to be here. I wish everyone the best.

Élder Benjamin Taylor

I made platanos 3 times this week. They were really cheap at the supermarket, and in my last house, the Elder from Ecuador made them all the time and I sort of missed them.

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