Monday, March 31, 2014

Sick Companion--Long Week for Ben

Hello family!

Sorry, this week I don't have very much time or any photos :(

But here's the week:

So, we had all those baptisms this last week of the 5 people mentioned in my previous email, so we knew that our main focus for the next 2 or 3 weeks would be retention, assignments (for each convert), making sure that they can make it to their confirmation, and continuing fellowship with the members.

Starting on Tuesday, Elder Aguilera got quite sick. He suffered through almost the whole day but then we had to retire about 1 hour earlier to the house. The next day, we called the mission nurse and we stayed at the house and only left to get lunch and buy a medication at the local pharmacy. 

You can buy almost any medicine without a prescription here. If you go to the local pharmacy and say 'I have this and that symptom', the person claiming to be a pharmacist just goes back and gets you something. I'm pretty sure the pharmacist was younger than me! It was pretty sketchy... then the next two days we stayed in the house. While my companion was dying in his bed and in the bathroom, I just read. I read the lessons like 12 times each, I read the scriptures 7 hrs each day, then I read Jesus the Christ half way through.

I had no idea how boring it is when your companion is sick. All the times I was ever sick, I had internet, and TV, and a full pantry of yummy comfort foods. It was way different just doing nothing. We did leave two other times for Family Home Evenings we had planned already. We left for only 45 min each time.

But midway Friday, he felt a bit better, so we left for him to do some interviews for the Sisters in our District, then we went to a baptismal service. 

Almost all of our contact during the sick days with our Recent Converts was by telephone and prayer. But then we were able to pass by each one on Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, everything was fine with them and they all came to the church this Sunday and were all confirmed. 

Also this week is my first General Conference in the mission. In our building there is one other English speaking elder, In the other ward; so we're going to get to watch conference in English in the office of the Bishop. Yay!! I genuinely miss English so much. It's starting to slip, and still my Spanish isn't quite fluid yet. So now, I'm starting to get a little frustrated because I don´t really have a language that I feel comfortable speaking anymore.


I love you guys! I hope JT gets feeling better. Happy spring break!!

√Člder Benjamin Taylor

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