Monday, July 14, 2014

Saying Good-Bye to Elder & Sister Pugmire

Here is Ben's letter from July 5th


Great to hear that everyone is staying super busy. Sorry I didn't email on Saturday. The zone is having an activity here in the capilla de Malvin so we changed the p-day for today. 

Today is also the day that Elder and Sister Pugmire go home. 
Elder Gallagher & Elder Quezada with the Pugmires

Ben & Elder Munoz with the Pugmires

Elder & Sister Burnett with the Pugmires

They are one of the senior couples here in the mission. Hermana Pugmire was the nurse for both the ´Uruguay Montevideo´and ´Uruguay Montevideo West´ missions. 

Élder Pugmire was facilities maintenance guy for the mission; he prepared houses to be opened and closed, bought and transported any kind of appliances and furniture for the mission, and a whole potpourri of other really important tasks. He worked a lot with us (as financiers), seeing as we are the ones who find the houses to rent, coordinate the contracts and pay for any necessary repairs or supplies. 

Tonight we will be able to go to the airport to see them off. They're very sad to leave, but I'm sure they can't wait to get home and see all of their grandchildren (some of which they haven't even met in person). 

I think it would be amazing to serve a mission with my future spouse. Every time I think more and more about how amazing the Church´s organization really is. After seeing just my little portion as financier, the church is amazing. One of the largest and strongest volunteer organizations in the world. That there are tens of thousands full time missionaries that not only are volunteering time, but personal, and family funds to serve the lord.

What a wonderful and inspired organization.

This week was really fun. Élder Gardner (on of the zone leaders that I live with), he was also my first companion and my trainer, had an operation on his foot so he is not going to be able to walk for the next two weeks or so. We've been having intercambios between us the secretaries and Zone leaders. We learned a lot getting to go out with the other Elders. 

This last week and a half President Cook was in the conference in Salt Lake where they gave training to all of the new mission presidents. I was on and saw a picture of him in one of the conferences. (See link:
He´s the bald one in the Brown suit in the front row. In other fun news they changed our card management system for all senior missionary cards. It´s a big change, but not that exciting to write back home...

I hope that everything is going well back at home. I love you all so much.

Élder Benjamin Taylor

Ben made a pineapple upside-down cake for breakfast and it looks like it turned out well.

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