Thursday, November 21, 2013

MTC Update-Week 2 Letter

Just got this letter from Ben this morning and we got some pictures as well. It was so exciting! My extra comments are in BLUE

Buen Dia

I got my email time changed today. It´s so fantastic to hear from everyone throughout the week. I am sorry to hear about the adoption though, the Hammonds are in my prayers. 
I´m trying to attach some pictures, its just very difficult and it takes a long time for each picture. We requested some pictures, but since it took so long to upload them, he did not have as much time to write--this letter is still full of a lot of information.

So... Elder Holland. (Ben mentioned in his email last week that Elder Holland was coming to the area for some conferences and was going to be at the MTC) It was such a privilege to hear from him. He spoke about the sacred nature of a missionary. Eventually I will send you a copy of the notes I took.

I´m sorry this response is so short, but there were many technical difficulties. Lets just say power in Argentina is great only 90% of the time.
So what is different about Argentina:

  • The food is fantastic!
  • People drive like Mario Cart
  • The temperature is almost perfect (as of now) They are at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, so not cold weather for Ben for a while
  • Everyone speaks Spanish except for my district
  • All the cars are round and tiny.
  • There is an invisible lane for motorcycle riders (in between the cars driving on the highway)
  • The power surges all the time, so all the computers are backed up on batteries
  • The birds are huge (even the plain small ones are twice as big as the ones back home)
  • The birds are LOUD!!! (one makes the sound of a person being killed.) It has decided to nest right outside of my window
  • The toilet flushes backwards--This was one of Lily's questions
  • We need a bidet
  • There are dogs everywhere, We always end up with like 3 in the back yard of the CCM every morning and the staff sends out the Elders to go coral them out of the fence.
  • Every other car is a Fiat
So the Latino elders in our room have already left on their missions. We still have 4 weeks and will have at least 2 more sets of missionaries in our room.

I am doing fine, learning the language faster than I was expecting. Talking to the Latinos at night and meals has helped so much.

The Buenos Aries Temple is beautiful, its like a Chicago temple (6 spire style) with two additional buildings built off to the side. Its so nice being across the street from the temple.
Tell Will I am so proud of him for dressing like a missionary. The primary program as last Sunday, so William put on his suit jacket & tie. He thought he looked like a prophet and we told him he looked like a missionary.

I appreciate all your prayers and kind notes and thoughts throughout the week. Just know that I love all of you guys.
"God be with you..."
Elder Taylor

Ben at the temple in Argentina

Ben with his companion, Elder Johnson, from South Carolina. Elder Johnson is going to the Paraguay Asuncion Mission

We asked for a picture of his name tag--I guess it is official now that he wears a name tage. He is Elder Taylor!

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